EEA-C13, Társadalmi Egyeztetés: A Nemzeti Alkalmazkodási Térinformatikai Rendszer (NATéR) tudásalapjának fejlesztése / Public Consultation: Improvement of the National Adaptation Geoinformatic System (NAGiS) knowledge base

HU: A pályázati kiírás társadalmi egyeztetése lezárult.  Köszönjük az észrevételt! A javaslatot figyelembe vettük a kiírás szövegének véglegesítésénél. 

EN: The public consultation for this call has ended. Thank you for your comment! The suggestion was considered in the finalisation of the call text.

Társadalmi egyeztetés / Public consultation

Szépszó Gabriella

Indicators and time horizon


Two suggestions: 1. It is recommended to complete the list of indicators (on page 14) with two items: a) the number of sensitivity experiment: at least two pieces of 5-10-year test experiment are required to be run; b) the number of validation experiment: at least two pieces of 20-30-year validation experiment are needed for every regional climate model to be applied in the project. 2. Time horizon of the project should be extended until 31 December 2015, and the final payment should be shifted to 2016. This small extension would be more feasible to achieve the long model simulations, moreover it would be more appropriate from adminitrative point of view for the most institutes in Hungary.