Workshop in the project „Öreg-Túr rehabilitation - Phase II.”

As part of the „Öreg-Túr rehabilitation - Phase II.” project the Szatmár Section Directorate has organised a workshop in Fehérgyarmat on 10 February, 2016. Meeting participants included experts in charge of project implementation, the technical supervisor, the subcontractors as well as the EEA Fund Operator (represented  by Mrs. Éva Csobod). The event was opened by Mr. Antal Luidort, Head of Section Directorate, then Mr. József Gacsályi (Regional Manager) has introduced the current state of the implementation works. He covered both the on-site works of the water directorate itself as well as that of the subcontractor. He also illustrated these works by photographs.

As far as the project owner FETIVIZIG is concerned, it has almost completed constructing the monitoring stations. (There is only one more to be completed at Kölcse.) Dredging works have almost been completed. This was implemented in cooperation with the subcontractor, and the only outstanding work is landscaping.

As far as the subcontractor is concerned, they have completed the Kölcse riverbranch locks as well as the Kölcse and Sonkád bottom weir foundations. Remaining works include the assembly of the Kölcse and Sonkád weir superstructures, which is largely affected by the weather conditions.

The presentation was concluded by informal talks.