Öreg-Túr Rehabilitation - Phase II. - Closing Event

[April 2016 – MTI news] The second phase of the Öreg-Túr river rehabilitation programme has been successfully completed. The investment was worth HUF 280 million (ca. EUR 760,000), and has been supported by the EEA and Norway Grants Programme. The project’s closing event has been held on 27 April in the village of Nagyar (Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg country, Eastern Hungary, close to the Ukrainian border).

The programme aims to improve the water balance and raise the water levels of the 63km long Öreg-Túr river. As part of the on-site works two new bottom weirs were constructed, which will be helpful in water retention and use.

Mr. Gáspár Bodnár, a senior manager from the Upper Tisza Regional Water Directorate has introduced to the audience the works that were completed. The river bed was dredged and regulation weirs were constructed, which will enable diverting water into the valuable adjacent cut-off river branches in a controlled manner. The new weir at Kölcse will provide water for the cut-off river braches of the Túr river for 8 kilometers, and in times of inland flooding it will reduce the lower river sections’ water pressure, and will improve the ecological state of the river sections above.

In this complex programme additional measures were also taken, such as automatic water level metering stations and water sampling probes were also installed. In addition to technical interventions, the ecological status assessment of Phase I. was continued also in this follow-up phase.

The overall programme was started in 2012. The first phase was implemented by European Union support and cost HUF 292 million (ca. EUR 770,000). Technical interventions included raising the water levels by bottom weirs, at three locks and at the Nábránd bottom weir four automatic water level metering stations were constructed, and one ultrasonic waterflow monitoring station was installed.

The construction costs of Phase II. of this programme were covered by the Norway Grants Programme by EUR 760,000. Mr. Gáspár Bodnár has added that the plans include to continue this programme by Phase III.

The river Old Túr and its inland water system covers 13 villages and 18 thousand people in the Szatmár region.

Download presentations, including a detailed photo report of the construction works, in the Hungarian version of this article.