Mid-term meeting about rainwater management in Tát and Tokod

The joint project of the municipalities of Tát and Tokod has come to its midpoint. The project aims to solve the region’s recurring problems of rainwater drainage. At the event held on 27 October 2015 representatives of the project have reported about the achievements so far. Among other stakeholders, local citizens also took part in the meeting.

The mayor of Todod, Tivadar Tóth acted as the host of the meeting. In his welcome speech he briefly summarised all the troubles that the inadequate drainage of inland water and rainwater causes in the life of the village, and why it is needed to take measures to solve these problems.

The first presentation was made by György Parragi, team leader of municipal development of Tát. In his presentation he projected images about the flooding caused by extreme rainfall and floods in the recent period. He told the audience that the water management plan for 200 hectares of Tát-Kertváros („Tát suburb”) has already been completed and the relevant authorities have approved it. From this total area of 200 hectares an area of 20 hectares has been selected for phase one development, for which detailed plans have been completed. He introduced the already completed works, primarily the activities relating to the construction of rainwater drainage channels.

József Pétervári, the technical expert of the host municipality has summarised the current status of project implementation in Tokod. After completing the public procurement procedures they to contracted out the planning work. The public procurement procedure relating to the rainwater drainage infrastructure’s renewal and maintenance works have also been completed in the local districts of Tokod village and Tokod glass factory. Currently the timeline is being set up to determine the most optimal technological order to renew the infrastructure. The upcoming new infrastructure elements will be connected to the existing rainwater drainage channel network based on the calculations of mathematical models.

The mathematical model was introduced by dr. Zsuzsanna Nagy, director of DHI Hungary Ltd., which on one hand considers the experience of Scandinavian countries, and on the other hand it is based on the specific local circumstances. Overall it is an exemplary algorithm, which can serve as a valuable problem solving opportunity also in other municipalities.

Dr. Kálmán Buzás, project expert, gave a presentation about climate change and about the opportunities for municipal drain water management. He highlighted that also residents’ communities can do a lot to protect against or at least mitigate the effects of extreme rainfall. As good practice he cited the example of household-level collection of rainwater, which can be stored and then used for irrigation in periods of draught.

To complete the event, Lajos Turi, mayor of the city of Tát has summarised what was said in the event, drawing the attention to the interdependence of the two dwellings in solving this problem. He thanked the audience for their interest and presence, and invited them to informal talks accompanied by a small reception.

The project has been supported by the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, through the call „HU04-C3-2013, Adaptation to climate change”.

The title of the project is: „Elaborating a concept for precipitation management and adapting to climate change in the settlements of Tát and Tokod” (project code: EEA-C3-8). The total budget of the project is Euro 913,028.

The project is supported by the countries of Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway through the EEA Funds by Euro 776,074.


More information:     György Parragi, Municipality of the city of Tát, tel.: +36-33-514-512

                                 József Pétervári, Municipality of the village of Tokod, tel.: +36-33-505-110