New project launched to improve the water management of Homokhátság region

Mórahalom, 22 April 2015 [Press release by the Hungarian news agency MTI]. As a result of implementing the project ‘Adaptation to climate change in the Homokhát region’ the southern part of the Homokhátság region will turn into a more protected and balanced area in terms of in-land flooding and water balance. This statement was made by the Mayor of Mórahalom at the project’s kick-off meeting.

As Zoltán Nógrádi expressed: the small town of Mórahalom has received 936 thousands euro support from the EEA Grants “Adaptation to Climate Change” programme, which is coupled by 15% self-financing of 143 thousands euro. The climate of Homokhátság is among Hungary’s most extreme ones, where long periods of draught and violent rainfalls are not uncommon. Katalin Dudás Koszó, the CEO of Mórahalom City Management Ltd. has explained that the plan is to improve the adaptation capacity to the adverse effects of climate change, and to make the water flow of the Homokhát microregion more balanced.

In the project’s implementation phase a new, 1.8km long main canal will be built, which will connect to the existing Maty-Subasa main channel, bringing water from the River Tisza. The pumping station will be modernised as well. The subcontractor will start construction work in May 2015. The work will be completed by September 2016, just in time for the project’s closure at the end of 2016. This current construction project entails the extension of a supply canal, which was constructed from earlier project funding and has already reached Domaszék. With the current investment Zákányszék will be reached, and at a later time Mórahalom and Röszke will be connected. This new channel will make it feasible to connect to the already existing water storage system.