Kick-off meeting of the project “Development of National Climate Adaptation Network (CLIM-NET/HUN)”

The kick-off meeting of the “Development of National Climate Adaptation Network (CLIM-NET/HUN)” project was held on 24 June 2015 in Szentendre, in the conference center of the Regional Environmental Center. The project is funded through the “Local climate change adaptation capacity building” sub-programme of the EEA Grants programme. The aim of the project is to increase the climate adaptation capacities of those living in the targeted region and to increase their awareness about the issue. Target groups include municipalities, experts of municipal agencies, schools, NGOs and youth organisations. The curriculum is mainly designed to increase the strategic planning capacities of municipalities to adapt to climate change and to enable them to implement their mitigation plans. It also provides training participants with useful knowledge about the financial, legal, regulatory and technical frameworks. The project integrates the development of project studies, background materials and presentations, besides the development of pilot projects and an expert network. Consortium members have emphasised at the meeting that a central element of their methodology is to create inspiration, commitment and a multiplication effect.