NAGiS Closing Event

The closing event of the project Establishment of the National Adaptation Geoinformatic System was held on 13 April, 2016 in Budapest. Participants were greeted by representetives of the project promoter (Mr. Tamás Fancsik), Embassy of Norway (Mr. Arild Moberg Sande), the Ministry of National Development (Mr. Zsolt Szabó, State Secretary), and the fund operator Regional Environmental Center (Zoltán Erdélyi, Deputy Executive Director).

The opening speeches were followed by several professional presentations. First Mr. Péter Kajner introduced the background and implications of the NAGiS project, and then Mr. László Orosz talked about the intricacies of the NAGiS database and mapping tools. The event provided a good opportunity to also discuss overarching topics such as the impact of climate change on natural ecosystems, research activities about water supplies' climate change vulnerability in a pilot area and the usability of results in planning, as well as a case study about using the NAGiS system in a real-life environment.

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