Closing event of the project “EEA-C2-4, Capacity building for local adaptation work”

Summary about project results (in Hungarian)
Article about effective climate change adaptation measures (in Hungarian)


The closing event of the EEA-C2-4 project (in Hungarian nicknamed Klímaválasz, i.e. “Climate Answer”) was held on 14 April, 2016, in the Larus Conference Center in Budapest. The event was started by introducing the “Adapatation to Cliamate Change Programme” and then the main results of the “Climate Answer” project. In addition to “Climate Answer” project also the NAGiS (National Adaptation Geoinformatic System) was introduced, focusing on how it can be of use to municipalities. In addition to learning project results, the event provided a good opportunity to learn Norwegian and Hungarian good practices, and exchange experience with the present experts in the afternoon breakout sessions. As part of professional networking participants could also get to know those experts which have shown the greatest performance during the “Climate Answer” training programme. These experts were rewarded by a study visit to Norway.


Karl Kerner's opening speech


Arild Gjertsen and Hanne Risa: Good practices from Norway

About 150 people took part in the event

The plenary session was followed by interactive breakout sessions