Training for transparency

[August 2015] Project partners were informed about their reporting obligations and deadlines in the project implementation period in a half-day training event on 26 August, 2015. The purpose of the training workshop was to empower all project partners to prepare complete and transparent project reports, and to avoid potential mistakes – in consideration of the strict reporting requirements of the EEA Funds.

The workshop was kicked off by a presentation of Judit Bálint, in which she covered the full set of reporting requirements, deadlines, and narrative reporting. She used examples to demonstrate potential mistakes and their consequences. In the next session Dr Annamária Gáspár Balogh talked about the preparation of financial reports, gave details about the documents to be prepared, and covered the financial eligibility regulations. The REC as Fund Operator finds it important to train project partners about the administrative requirements, and looks forward to a smooth reporting process, while giving full transparency to the procedures.